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Risk Control Responsibility Matrix

This tool is for properly assigning responsibility for Risks in the portfolio based on the status of the Risk Control.

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A clear structure is a hallmark of efficiency and effectiveness in any organization. A team that is well defined in terms of responsibility is bound to be efficient and pleasing to work with. When the agenda changes, teams that embed accountabilities based on a well thought out framework during the planning cycle can eliminate redundancies and achieve seamless coverage of the issues. It is with that in mind that we developed the Risk Control Responsibility Matrix. This framework separates risks based on the control focus and a generalized risk source, which when combined, naturally align with the common building blocks of ERM programs. We hope you consider starting each year with an analysis of your Objectives in the context of your value chain to develop a Risk Universe, then determine where each Risk falls in this Matrix to prevent duplicate effort and redundancies, updating over time as necessary. This can be facilitated with the spreadsheet below, as well as within the Strategic Ledger module of our RiskWaves ERM system, where you can manage risks regardless of control focus and risk source.


Value Chain Risk Universe Framework