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A Free Auditing and ERM System

Begin using RiskWaves for free in less than 10 Minutes.

Please take a minute to review the installation notes below which include login instructions.
What is RiskWaves? Free ERM and Internal Audit System.

RiskWaves implementation options range from a Microsoft Azure Remote Desktop Application with an SQL database for large teams to a locally hosted split database application for smaller ones. Contact us for remote desktop cloud solutions.

Please review options below: 32 Bit RiskWaves Installation Downloads
Desktop or Distributed Access Database Solution Microsoft Azure SQL Solution
(Contact us for SQL DB Setup and Configuration)
Required: Access 2013 Runtime (Unless You Already Have Access 2013) Download Access Rutime
(Chose x86 version for 32 Bit Office Environment)
Required for SQL: SQL Server Native Client N/A SQL Native Client - (32Bit OS)
SQL Native Client - (64 Bit OS)
Required: RiskWaves Executable Desktop or LAN Access Front & Back End
RiskWaves 32Bit Thin
SQL Front End (Contact Us for Azure SQL Backend)
RiskWaves 32Bit Thin
Note: While bit versions of Windows and Office vary, the 32 bit versions above are designed to support both bit versions. If for any reason, you require a different bit version of our program, please let us know and we can accommodate your needs.

For users of the locally hosted version, you must be running at least Windows 7, and must also have an installed Microsoft Excel application. If you are not a Microsoft Office customer, contact us about a cloud version which works on all operating systems.

Installer certified with Digicert. Excludes Access Runtime; includes user guide and examples, templates, and shortcut.

For Desktop and Distributed Installations, after installation completes, just click the icon to login and begin (Login=Admin, Password=TBDAdmin).

For Microsoft Azure SQL installations, click the icon, and update the database properties, then click Reset Database Connections (1 to 2 minutes) then login (Login=Admin, Password=TBDAdmin).
RiskWaves does not send or receive any data outside of the application and any customer information submitted during registration will remain private. Trial Period will end after 60 days of use and license extensions can be obtained exclusively from us via email. Installers will not overwrite existing RiskWaves files unless you approve so, in which case existing files will be moved to a backup folder in the RiskWaves file directory.

To uninstall, click the Uninstall Icon in the RiskWaves file directory.

If we can be of any assistance, please contact us via email or telephone.