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Free Portfolio Management in Microsoft Access

A free, open source, easy, effective, and time saving tool for portfolio management

Announcing Portfolios2, Portfolio Management System

Free Portfolio Management in Microsoft Access, featuring:

* *NEW* Feature, automatically retrieve share values and exchange rates from web - no need for input file anymore
* Record transactions for shares, bonds, commodities, minority interests, options and loans
* Set up shorts and swaps simply by incorporating negative transaction quanatities
* Value At Risk calculations based on your choice of alpha, horizon, and effective date
* Sharpe Ratio, Sortino Ratio, V/CV and parametric statistics for shares and portfolios including Beta
* Automatic retrieval of exchange rates and stock values from trusted sources
* User defined entities, portfolios, currencies, and shares
* Auto-generated journal entries reflecting standards for HTM, AFS, and trading assets
* Auto-generated charts of accounts for new entities
* Automatic calculation of amortization tables for loans and bonds
* Record overhead and automatically account for and allocate across positions
* Portfolio Trial Balances by Financial Statement with drill-down to journal details
* Portfolio balance changes filtered by date rage and cause (e.g., currency, etc.)
* Two date comparison charts for cost and value allocaiton by class, type and locale
* Excel exports for useful data like shares, dividends, balances, et al.
* The ability to change a prior transaction and rerun your portfolio balances
* Advice on when rerunning balances is necessary (with effective date)
* Handy dashboard summarizing daily average returns and annual ROIC by portfolio
* Rotating currency and share trend charts on the dashboard
* Counterparty cash and seg accounts with activity reports in local and reporting currency
* Intuitive menu features quick-link processing of pending loan payments, dividends, coupons
* Open code so you can analyze and customize tables and procedures to your specific needs

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PDF Overview Note: The daily input file used in previous versions is no longer used.