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We hope you find the resources below useful, and that you let us know via email of any new items we can include.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Helpful Links
ERM Framework from COSO - A presentation providing a solid understanding of the COSO ERM Framework
ERM Frameworks: COSO vs. ISO - Learn to articulate the key differences among the leading global ERM frameworks
Risk Appetite Document from COSO - Be familiar with the concept of Risk Appetite to better engage your constituents
RIMS ERM Technology Solution Attributes - Insightful briefing on what your expectations of the scope for an acceptable ERM system should be
Risk Control Coverage Matrix - Ideas for Risk Managers to steer action items from the BRM (Business Risk Management Process) through implementation
Risk Control Coverage Matrix Spreadsheet - Track control coverage for risks, focus of control coverage, responsibility for control focus, status of coverage focus, system capture, and expected update
Brush up on your statistics - Sharpen your quantitative skills and broaden your contribution to arguments
Analytical Hierarchy Processing - A spreadsheet that uses pairwise comparisons to objectively rank subjective items - populated with an example for a retirement savings fund (save a duplicate copy to practice with)
Portfolios2 - Portfolios2 is an open source Access database application for managing portfolios from currencies to value at risk, which is unlocked so you can customize to your own needs. We can help you customize it to your needs and secure it as a desktop or shared solution as well.

Links for Remote App Users                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Windows Live Account
Azure Remote App Desktop Client - Whether you are trialing RiskWaves or implementing your live version, users will need this Microsoft download (less than a minute).

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